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Los Angeles Executive Limousine service (TCP-15851P), like all legal limousine services in California, is regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).  That TCP number is individual for every single company and helps law enforcement understand which company is which as they are posted by law on the front & rear bumpers of all legal limousines.  Just because a company has a number on their car does not mean they really are legal.  The LAX airport police are constantly towing away illegal operators and confiscating their vehicles that have fake TCP numbers.  It is easy to find a TCP number of a company that has gone out of business and use their TCP number.  But if they don’t have a TCP # clearly pasted on their website, beware.

Being regulated by the PUC is a good thing for the public as it enforces safety procedures and ensures that companies are working above the table and therefore paying taxes for the welfare of the community.  As all legal limousine companies pay a quarterly fee to the CPUC based on their grosses, this pays for this department of the CPUC itself and is not a burden on taxpayers at large.

Unfortunately, today, as it has for years been forever, there are illegal operators that cast a pall over legal limousine services in Los Angeles as they operate entirely under the table without any restrictions like drug testing of chauffeurs, don’t pay fees or taxes, or worse yet, are totally uninsured leaving the client liable for medical expenses and therefore are a drag on other legal operators as their overhead is less and a danger to the community.  In fact, an astounding 30% or more of all the limousines (and taxis) operating in Los Angeles on any given day are operating illegally and without insurance.  That is why you may go on the internet and find limo prices that are far below what is within the standard range of what legitimate companies charge, or they are a one car company which can only do one job at a time.  As it is impossible to be in the same place at the same time, what happens when a one car operator has two customers at the same time and their prices are so low that other companies won’t perform the business for them as they would lose money?  Well often, as we at Los Angeles Executive Limousine have learned from customers who have been called us at the last second to bail them out, the single car operator or illegal operator will almost always take the better paying run and leave the other carless.

You may have seen articles in the LATimes or on local TV news channels about sweeps done in Hollywood where many vehicles have been confiscated on the same night leaving their uninformed patrons stranded on sidewalks or inside clubs with no way to get home.  As a member of the Greater California Limousine Association, Los Angeles Executive Limousine service, along with its other members, requested the CPUC to double our quarterly fees so that they would have more money to spend on enforcement.  The CPUC took us up on the offer and doubled our fees several years ago; however, their resources are still too limited to catch all of the illegal operators as it is quite difficult and there are so many out there.

So “When  Professional Service Counts” and you want a vehicle that is not only insured, but legal as well, call Los Angeles Executive Limousine service now at: 1-888-232-LIMO (5466).

Los Angeles Executive Limousine is a member of the NLA (National Limousine Association) and the GCLA (Greater California Limousine Association).  
Los Angeles Executive Limousine has an A+ rating with the BBB with no complaints ever.

All of our chauffeurs are drug tested! 

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