Dependable Limo Service Los Angeles

Of all the virtues which make up a great limousine company, outside of safety, dependability is perhaps the most important.  For LA car service or limo service in Los Angeles, dependability is reliant on several levels of limo service that make each trip successful.

Number one is a dependable vehicle.  That for years has meant the Lincoln Towncar, perhaps the most dependable vehicle ever made.  Ask any limousine owner if they think the Towncar or a Mercedes is the more dependable, and almost without exception they will reply the Towncar.  Why do you think you see so many Towncars on the streets of Los Angeles.

Number two on the list of a dependable limo service Los Angeles is a dependable chauffeur.  This is much more difficult than buying a car, and basically it comes down to the experience of the chauffeur with extensive knowledge of the traffic patterns of the greater Los Angeles area.  That is why Los Angeles Executive Limousine hires only professional chauffeurs, most with at least 3 years of experience.  And all have a GPS system for any out of the way changes in the itinerary.

Three on the list is proper is proper maintenance of the vehicle, especially the tires, as flats can occur at anytime and anywhere from unavoidable road debris.

Number four on the list is a dependable reservationist who can tell a client right up front how long under normal circumstances it will take the client to reach their destination so they will be on time, taking into consideration that an accident along the route to the location can cause a delay, and therefore build in a cushion of time to take that into account.
Fifth on the list is a reliable dispatcher with experience who, like the chauffeur, understands the traffic patterns and length of time required for a limo to arrive at the pickup location and how long it will take to get to it destination.  The most important thing is making certain that the chauffeur has time to make it from one drop off location to the next pickup location.  In opposition to Wall Street, in the limousine business, “Greed is Bad."

Lastly, a dependable software system is a must with email confirmations sent for every trip.  This helps eliminate human error which can occur anytime not only by the reservationist, but by the client or client’s secretary as well.  This balance of checks and rechecks should eliminate any and all errors.  So the rule is: Please read your email confirmations carefully!

And Remember: That plane at LAX is not going to wait for you... 

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